Adam Cooman

Testing the Large-Signal Small-Signal simulator in ADS

Adam Cooman

In my work on stability analysis, I used the Large-Signal Small-Signal (LSSS) simulator to determine the linearisation around a periodic orbit of a circuit. In this post, we verify the accuracy of the LSSS simulator in Advanced Design System (ADS). To do this, a test system with known frequency responses is simulated and the simulation results are compared to the exact expressions to discover the error level in the simulations.

We discover that the error made in the simulation is rather large when the default settings are used. By configuring the simulator correctly, a better result can be obtained. This work has been done with the help of Ebrahim Louarroudi.

This page contains the text of an appendix of my PhD thesis: Distortion Analysis of analog electronic circuits using modulated signals. The content was modified slightly to better fit the format of this website

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